Upon request from St. Thomas Hospital, Kattanam, Mavelikkara, a dialysis Center with 3 units was opened in May 2009, with the full financial support of the Marafie Foundation.
According to the studies, kidney patients in India increase in number by 7°/o yearly. Also, it is reported that 50°/o of the people with kidney diseases are unable to continue with dialysis for a long period. The aim of the Foundation is to facilitate dialysis to the kidney patients at an affordable cost or free. Due to the increase in the number of the kidney patients in and around the area, the hospital has requested for more dialysis machines and the Foundation has funded for another 3 units in June 2013, thus now total 6 units are in the service. Until now, the Center has carried out 7000 dialysis process, that is, monthly 145 dialysis sessions. The Hospital never turns out any patient even if he cannot meet the dialysis cost. For those who cannot afford to pay this nominal cost, the Hospital Management found donors to help those patients, On an average,50 such free dialysis arebeing given to the deserving patients monthly.
During Dec. 2013,a deligation from Marafie Foundation visited the hospital and fully satisfied with the activities of the Dialysis Center. Due to the increase of kidney patients in the area, and upon the request of the Hospital, the Foundation has offered 3 more units, thus total 9 Dialysis Units will be able to offer an average of 18 Dialysis sessions daily.
St.Thomas Hospital was established in 1948 and has above 350 beds. It is it multi specialty teaching hospital with 30 Doctors, 20 Departments and catering the need of 400 out patients daily. The hospital is owned and managed by Marthoma Church,