Dar Jaber is an orphanage located in the remote village of Dambo Dass in the Rondo Valley of Skardu Pakistan, The Marafie Foundation has funded the construction of this project in the name of the Amir of Kuwait. Sheikh Jaber AI Ahmed AI Sabah. Upon completion, the building was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltisan on 20th March 2010. The Orphanage provides funding in health and education to 80 orphans from the district of Skardu and Ghancey from very poor families. The management is under the Mohammadia Trust Pakistan. The operational cost of the annual budget is provided by the Marafie Foundation. The facility provides quality education to its students for appearing at the High School Examination of the Board of Education recognized by the Government of Pakistan. This facilitygivesachancetotheorphansfromverypoorbackgroundstoleada normal life as honorable members of society.